Naruto 673 With/By the whole lot of us..!!

Madara: !
Madara: The chakra at the tenketsu doesn’t go out?
…what does it mean? what on earth has he done!?
Madara: Like he stopped the end/conclusion of hachi mon(the 8 gates) or something…!?
Madara: !!

Madara: The recovery is yet to complete (/I haven’t yet completely recovered) …is it the reason!?
Madara: Nope…! His powers have suddenly developed!?
Naruto: Son! Lend me your chakra ttebayo!!
Son: Sure thing!!

Madara: !?
Naruto: -Sen(=sage)po ・Yo(=molten/smelting)ton Rasenshiriken!!!-
Madara: !! Ho.. Holy crap!!
Madara: Rinbo!!!
Naruto: Hup!!!

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